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Alarmed by her small town's dismal sex education program, the local OB/GYN takes over teaching the middle school’s classes—to the horror of her tween son.

About the Show:
OPEN WIDE is a half-hour family comedy inspired by creator Claire Ayoub's upbringing as the child of small-town gynecologists. The show is based on the true story of Claire's mom, a nurse midwife, taking over the local middle school's dismal health program to the horror of her children. A love letter to Claire's parents, OPEN WIDE explores the odd mortification that comes from your parents getting all up in the business of every woman you know (including teachers, coaches, and ALL your friends' moms) and normalizes talking about changing bodies with kids—and adults.

Fun Fact:
While developing OPEN WIDE, Claire's cringeworthy and hilarious walk down memory lane inspired her to create THE GYNOKID, her award-winning solo storytelling show. 

Behind the scenes of development:

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Always a fan of live readings to workshop material, Claire held her first live reading of OPEN WIDE in October 2022 on Zoom. Special thanks to brilliant performers who helped her bring the Baker-Dobbs family to life: Josh Gondelman, Jen Ponton, Michael Cruz Kayne, Mia Kaplan, Kassandra Tellez, Mimi von Schack, Lydia Hensler, Jack Hobbs, Sophia Foroudastan, Andy Thompson & Angela Doran.

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