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Now a monthly show at the Kraine Theater in NYC!

And you thought your parents were up in everybody’s business. As the child of small-town gynecologists, comedy writer Claire Ayoub (Empire Waist, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls) experienced an untraditional and often mortifying adolescence that was destined to end in therapy—and comedy. Join her for a 60-minute walk down cringe-tastic memory lane to find out what being a GynoKid is all about.  

WINNER of the Best Solo Show, Top Grossing Show, and EstroGenius Award at the 2023 Frigid Fringe. 
Featured in Thrillist and TDF Stages.

Now in residency at the Kraine Theater thru 2023, enjoy The GynoKid followed by a Q&A with healthcare experts on specific topics each month. Laugh AND learn in a low-stakes environment.

Produced by Lizzy Bryce, Crystal Collins & Jack Hobbs. 

Upcoming Shows

October 13th — The Kraine Theater (NYC) & Online
Post-Show Expert Panel:
PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

November 10th — The Kraine Theater (NYC) & Online
Post-Show Expert Panel Topic:
Menopause (aka WTF is Happening to My Body?!)

December 8th — The Kraine Theater (NYC) & Online
Post-Show Expert Panel Topic:
Egg Freezing (What to Expect)

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FRIGID New York to Present Ext
ended Run of Claire Ayoub's THE GYNOKID - BroadwayWorld

“Ayoub observes that comedy helped her through dark times, and she demonstrates her mastery of the form with a captivating stage presence.” — Thinking Theater NYC

“As she makes us feel every embarrassing moment, she reveals much about her inner life, while sketching a warm, loving portrait of her parents. And makes us laugh again and again.” — Blogcritics

“What might be mortifying to a child is assuredly recounted with loving fondness, winning humor, polished staging and effortless clarity.” — Theater Reviews from My Seat

“We don’t think we ever stopped laughing.” — Young-Howze Theater Journal

"An absolutely brilliant piece of theatre. One of the best and smartest shows I've seen in a long time. Claire Ayoub has written a masterpiece that is only amplified by her magnetic performance. Her genuine energy and positive vibes and humor pour off the stage and into the audience, leaving the audience in a constant roar of laughter, as well as forcing them to let their guard down to really hear the heart of her story. The journey you ultimately go on is one that you did not expect to go on. This was an exceptionally brilliant show and one that I would expect to see at any of the larger Off-Broadway houses/companies."

"Hilarious and heartfelt! All the stars!!!!"

"Brilliantly written and superbly performed show. Claire shares the humor and awkwardness of growing up in a small community with parents who have an extremely personal relationship with their patients in a deeply insightful way that had me laughing and left me with much to think about. Highly recommend to all!"

"Claire was so funny and vulnerable. Loved seeing all the audience happy and smiling as they left the theater."

"The most refreshing, wittiest performance at Frigid!"

Gender-Affirming Care - June 2023
(Expert: Psychotherapist Nikki Vega, Callen-Lorde)

Growing up as the child of small-town gynecologists Just as bonkers as it sounds. (3).png
Resources_Gender Affirming Care.jpg

Gender-Affirming Care Resources:

WPATH Standards of Care

Seattle's Children's Hospital - Education for Providers
Transgender Law Center
FOLX Health (Note: This is a private healthcare company)

Endometriosis - July 2023
(Experts: Dr. Farr Nezhat, MD; Dr. Amanda Chu, MD; Dr. Mukta Chauhan, OCS, WCS)

Growing up as the child of small-town gynecologists Just as bonkers as it sounds. (2).png
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