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I am a 
writer ✏️
director 🎬
copywriter 📱
& genuinely happy camper 

Hi there! My name is Claire Ayoub and I love words. I am a writer, director, and copywriter living in Brooklyn, NY. I run the production company Try Anyway Productions and made my feature film writing/directing debut with my teen body image dramedy EMPIRE WAIST, premiering in 2023.

To learn more, visit 🎉

I also happen to be the child of small-town gynecologists which is 98% of what drove me into comedy. Catch my award-winning solo show "The GynoKid" at the Kraine Theater in 2023 and keep an eye out for my TV pilot version of the tale, OPEN WIDE. Both are a love letter to my parents with the mission to educate folks about their bodies through comedy.

Laugh. Learn. Love? (I won't tell you what to do.)

See you on the internet!

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