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Client: My Collateral Consequences


In addition to my full-time work, I volunteer as a writer, strategist, and event producer for My Collateral Consequences, Zaki Smith's organization dedicated to educating the public about collateral consequences — the life sentence of perpetual punishment that formerly incarcerated individuals and their families experience long after their sentence is complete. There are over 47,000 laws across the U.S. limiting job options, housing availability, education options, and more. In the words of Zaki, "Collateral consequences are the heartbeat of recidivism

To raise awareness, we throw monthly community dinners called A Feast for Fair Chances, hold weekly team strategy meetings, and are in pre-production for an original content series where we will be sharing true stories of those impacted by collateral consequences.  so that lawmakers and voters can understand and make real legal change.

Learn more and get involved:

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