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Client: Laura Mercier

LM Brand Voice Playbook

Laundry Service brought me onto their LM team to lead a social brand voice refresh for this iconic beauty brand. I worked closely with social strategists, art directors, and social media coordinators to create a clear game plan for tone, art direction, and community management tactics to communicate clearly with their young social demo without losing the artistic roots of the brand. 

LM Personality to Voice_edited.jpg
TONE OF VOICE 2A_edited.jpg

Social Copy - New Product Launches

With new product launches, I was tasked with packing our IG posts with product info and  RTBs without losing the voice of our channel. 

LM IG 1.jpeg
LM IG 2.jpeg
LM IG 3.jpeg

Social Copy - AON Content

LM IG 7.jpeg
LM IG 6.jpeg
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