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Event Series: Try Anyway Table Reads

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Between hosting 17 live readings of my feature EMPIRE WAIST across the country in 2019 and my background in live comedy, I know just how transformative in-person readings and audience feedback can be for the writing process. Now I share my experience with other writers by producing live readings of their work and leading talkbacks for feedback through my event series Try Anyway Table Reads.

Co-produced with FRIGID New York.


Previous Events

FIDELITY by Roberto Drilea (Drama Feature)

An underemployed actress lands a role to impersonate the estranged daughter of a terminally ill man, pushing her to confront her own family’s unresolved past, and her ambitions as an actress.

CHRISTMAS IN THE DREAMHOUSE by Craig T. Williams (Family Holiday Feature)

Craig_Try Anyway Table Reads.webp

When a famous musical family finds themselves magically shrunk and trapped inside a dollhouse on Christmas Eve, they must use their talents and wits to navigate their way out before Christmas is over and they’re stranded forever.

E.S.L. by Christopher Hwisu Kim (Horror & Family Drama Feature)

Chris Kim_Try Anyway Table Reads.jpeg

After her estranged mother is diagnosed with cancer, Molly Cho attempts to reconnect with her by re-learning how to speak Korean—but in doing so, unlocks a dark evil that has been following her throughout her life

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