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Client: Freixenet USA

I crafted monthly concepts, social copy, and campaigns for this gloriously bubbly brand. (Also had WAY too much fun naming cocktails.)

Campaign: Bubbly Bucket List

For August 2018, we created a Bubbly Bucket List with ideas to make the most of the last month of summer. 

FX 2018 - BBL 4.jpeg
FX 2018 - BBL 3.jpeg
FX 2018 - BBL 2.jpeg
FX 2018 - BBL 1.jpeg

Campaign: National Bubbly Day

Freixenet owns National Bubbly Day as their biggest day of the year, so we turned one day into a month-long content series.

NBD Best Friends Day.jpeg
NBD Summer Friday.jpeg
NBD Watermelon Cava.jpeg
NBD Last Day.jpeg

Campaign: Cavaween

Halloween is FX's favorite time to let each bottle's personality shine.

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